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Young Freemason Teaches the Joy of Music – Pennsylvania Masons

Students of Old Forge School District’s kindergarten class were serenaded recently when violinist and composer Bro. Brendan Bordick-Lesavage performed. Besides playing for the children, Bro. Brendan also made sure to teach the students about the violin, its parts, and all of the sounds that it can make.

“I believe that it’s important for young students to be given as many opportunities to explore the world as possible,” he said. “Many students could go for years without ever even seeing a violin. I want to give them the opportunity to be exposed to something that they might come to love. This is important now more than ever with all the cuts we’re seeing in music and art programs due to budget constraints. Music builds teamwork, discipline and an appreciation for one’s hard work, and every student should be given the ability to partake in it.”

Bro. Brendan is a senior at Old Forge High School and enjoys playing for various functions throughout the area and teaching others. He is a violinist for St. Ann’s Basilica, past concertmaster of the Sinfonia Youth Orchestra and the standing organist for Acacia Lodge No. 579. After high school, Brendan intends to continue his studies in music at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Bro. Thomas S. Musson, PM, Secretary of Acacia Lodge No. 579 says “Brendan is our youngest member to date and is an inspiration to all the Brothers. He recited the opening charge at one of our recent meeting just one month after receiving his 3rd degree!”



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