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Islip Installation – Master Continues for 2nd Year

18 Jan 2017

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer PGSwdB of the UGLE accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. Alan Knowles PJGD of the UGLE, W.Bro. Bob Greenwell PrGSwdB & W.Bro. Tom Edwards PrSGD & escorted by W.Bro. Dave Roberts PrAGDC, saw W.Bro. Ian Ross remain in the chair of King Solomon as Worshipful Master for a second year.The evening was rounded off by an enjoyable festive board & a number of raffle prizes returning home with the Active Provincial Officers & visitors to the Islip lodge.

(L-R) W.Bro. Nick Carter (VO), W.Bro. Bob Greenwell (PrGSwdB), W.Bro. Alan Knowles (APGM),
W.Bro. Ian Ross (WM), V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer (DPGM), W.Bro. Tom Edwards (PrSGD)

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