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Freemasons of William Peters Lodge Present Cheques

William Peters Lodge Present Cheques

Bro Michael Curtis, the Worshipful Master of William Peters Lodge, is seen presenting cheques of £500 each on behalf of the New Provincial Benevolent Fund to Mrs Judith Burnett, a representative of Mencap and Mr Richard Ferens, a representative of UK Rock Challenge.

The Rock Challenge is a crime and harmful substance prevention initiative in the form of a friendly performing arts event for 7-18 year olds.  The focus is on young people leading healthy lifestyles, having fun and being their best without the need for tobacco, alcohol or any other substance as well as making a positive use of their spare time, enjoying and attending school more and showing increased self-esteem and resilience.  It provides a unique opportunity for young people to gain a whole range of new skills, increasing positive activities and improving well-being


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