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Freemasons help a student on a field trip to Dominica

East Ribble Charity Stewards support field trip

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

East Ribble Charity Stewards’ Fund presented a cheque to help a student on a field trip to Dominica.

The cheque was presented to Caitlin Fawcett an A level student, whose grandfather is Ken Fawcett, an Accrington mason in The Lodge of Remembrance.  He had requested a grant to assist Caitlin in paying towards a college field trip to Dominica for which she had to raise £2,800. Bro Fawcett put the request forward to Bro Jopson who presented it to the Charity Stewards meeting. Again, the proposition was passed unanimously and £50 was given to assist her field trip.

Caitlin thanked us for the cheque and promised the Charity Stewards, on her return in July, to provide a report of the trip.

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