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Freemasons donate £60,000 to Cancer Support Services

John Boyington (Assistant Provincial Grand Master – Yorkshire, West Riding Freemasons), Paula Harrison (Assessor – Cavendish Cancer Care), Michael Holmes (Grand Charity Steward – Yorkshire, West Riding Freemasons)

More than 800 cancer patients will receive therapy or counseling, following a grant of £60,000 to Cavendish Cancer Care from Yorkshire, West Riding Freemasons.

The grant will be used to fund a new Assessor, who will put together personalised care plans to help those with a cancer diagnosis deal with the physical and emotional consequences of cancer, and the treatments that are prescribed.

Every year, 30,000 people in Yorkshire are diagnosed with cancer, and 320,000 in England and Wales, where there are currently over 2.1 million people living with the condition.

Cavendish Cancer Care supports people living with cancer in Yorkshire and their loved ones, offering complementary therapies such as counselling, massage and acupuncture.

Assessors are the first point of contact at the centre and form a fundamental part of the support process. The Assessor will talk through a person’s concerns and will help them to decide on treatments. At the end of a client’s course of therapy, they will undertake a review and will re-refer clients if they feel they would benefit from more Cavendish support, or refer them onto other services. As well as supporting patients, Cavendish also offers support to their carers and loved ones, including their children who can use the centre’s specialised young people’s service.

Carly Honeycombe was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 26, and visited Cavendish alongside her chemotherapy for sessions of reflexology and healing. “My sessions were all about me and keeping my body as healthy as possible through this process,” Carly says, “They helped me get through it. I don’t think people realise how valuable Cavendish is. I wasn’t picking between Cavendish and somewhere else to go for respite and rejuvenation. It’s invaluable because there’s nothing else like it.”

The grant from Yorkshire, West Riding Freemasons, comes through the Masonic Charitable Foundation, which is funded by Freemasons, their families and friends, from across England and Wales.

“Cavendish Cancer Care has had a long association with Yorkshire, West Riding Freemasons”, says Director of Fundraising, Jason Briggs. “We can’t thank them enough for this generous donation. Charities often struggle to plan ahead because fundraising income is difficult to predict. Therefore, a gift of this size over three years allows us to make a focused and sustained impact through the recruitment of a salaried assessor.”

John Boyington from Yorkshire, West Riding Freemasons said: “We’re very pleased to be able to help Cavendish Cancer Care. To have an Assessor available can make all the difference to people who have had their lives turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis. A personalised package of support helps patients cope with both the physical and the emotional effects of cancer and the treatments that are prescribed. The work that the charity does is phenomenal.”



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