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Simon Cameron (1799-1889) American financier, U.S. Senator and U.S. Secretary of War

Simon Cameron Born March 8, 1799 in Lancaster Co., Pa. Learned the printing trade and worked as a journeyman in several Pa. cities. In 1820 he was editing a newspaper in Doylestown and in 1822 one in Harrisburg. Accumulating capital, he became interested in banking and railroad construction. He served as U.S. senator in 1845-49; 1857-61; 1867-77. Between 1857-77 he controlled the Republican political machine in Pa. Lincoln appointed him Secretary of War in 1861, but when he was criticized for the manner of awarding army contracts, he resigned in 1862 to become U.S. Minister to Russia. Became a Mason in Perseverance Lodge No. 21, Harrisburg, Pa. on July 12, 1826. Died 1889.

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