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ORIENTAL 9371 Chinese New Year meeting

maxresdefaultOriental Lodge 9731 February meeting is also the Chinese New Year meeting , which is on Monday 20th February.

Start time is 6.30pm at Byker Temple. A lecture will be given, so that an early attend to the festive board can be arranged..

The menu of the festive board (See below), and there will also be the Unicorn dance and Chinese singer at the Festive board for entertainment.

If you wish to attend the meeting as well the festive board. Please get in touch with dining steward Bro. Paul Baker.

ORIENTAL LODGE – Chinese New Year Meeting 

Dining at Sky Restaurant on 20th February 2017 (Dining Fee £19)


Prawn Cracker with Chilli Dip

Veg Hot & Sour & Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup

Spare Ribs Cantonese Style Salt and Pepper Fish Vegetable Spring Roll Skewered Chicken Satay Sauce

Aromatic Crispy Duck & Pancakes with Hoisin

Pork in Sea Spice Sauce Lamb with Oyster Sauce Beef in Black Pepper Sauce Sliced Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion Chicken Curry

Egg Fried Rice & Stir Fried Noodles with Bean Shoots

Orange Segments

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Their contact details are listed below if you want to contact them directly

Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland
17 Lansdowne Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne

Telephone: +44 191 213 6990(Provincial Office opening hours Monday to Thursday 10am – 3:30pm) |

If you want to be a Freemason you must be interested in character building and morality

“Better men make a Better world.” Freemasonry stresses honour, personal responsibility and personal integrity

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Reasons to become a Freemason in Northumberland
You want to make new friendships
You want to develop yourself
You want to make a positive contribution to society
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