Freemasons Donate £5000 to Autism Berkshire

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Freemasons help to fund autism helpline and family activities across Berkshire

David Jarvis, PGM Martin Peters, Jane Stanford-Beale (CEO Autism Berkshire) and Cody Murray – at Thames Valley Adventure Playground – Pictures: Mike Swift

Autism Berkshire have been delighted to receive a grant of nearly £5,000 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The grant will help the charity to run accessible social and leisure activities for children and adults across Berkshire as well as providing information and advice through a helpline, events and workshops.

PGM Martin Peters, Jane Stanford-Beale (CEO Autism Berkshire), Amon Dsane, David Jarvis and Cody Murray. With Twins Thomas and Aimee Costello – at Thames Valley Adventure Playground – Pictures: Mike Swift

Commenting on the funding Jane Stanford-Beale, Chief Executive Officer of Autism Berkshire said: “We run workshops for parents across all six unitary authorities in Berkshire; we also run a youth club in each of the six authorities for children over 8 so that they can get together with other children and learn those essential social skills that they find very difficult. A lot of our children have difficulty making friends at school, so they don’t get invited to parties and they don’t get invited to friends’ houses, so it’s really important that they have an opportunity to go and socialise with other children a couple of times a month.”

Martin Peters, the Provincial Grand Master of the Berkshire Freemasons and David Jarvis, the Provincial Almoner, presented the grant at one of the Autism Berkshire Family Days at Thames Valley Adventure Park.

Martin Peters said: “On behalf of the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the Freemasons of Berkshire we are very pleased to be able to support the charity and help to fund their work helping and supporting children and adults living with autism across Berkshire”.

David Jarvis, PGM Martin Peters and Jane Stanford-Beale (CEO Autism Berkshire) at Thames Valley Adventure Playground – Pictures: Mike Swift

David Jarvis said: “We have been privileged to visit Thames Valley Adventure Playground and see the work of Autism Berkshire today. It is very evident that the dedicated staff are providing most welcome and appreciated support for a large number of families with autistic children and I am delighted that the Freemasons have been able to help fund that work”.

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