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Allied Masonic Degrees Explained

St Lawrence the Martyr

There are five Degrees that are worked in the Order which is open to Brethren who are Mark and Royal Arch Masons and of any faith. The Degree of St Lawrence the Martyr must be taken first and explains how Lawrence gave his life rather than betray his principles; responsibilities, integrity and fortitude are the lessons to be learned here.

Jewel – Gridiron in silver suspended from an orange ribbon with royal blue edging.




The following degrees can be taken in any order

Knight of Constantinople

This Degree Concerns the relationship between the Emperor Constantine and his Subjects. The ceremony is entertaining and amusing but at the end, the candidate is left in no doubt of the importance of the virtue of humility.

Jewel – Maltese cross in gold or gilt suspended from a green ribbon on which are 3 poinards in gold or gilt with the points downwards.

Grand Tilers of Solomon

This Degree is very dramatic set in the secret vault beneath the Temple. It reflects on the danger of hasty judgment.

Jewel – triangle with the apex pointing downwards in black enamel edged with gold or gilt. Inscribed with the Hebrew characters 27 and on the obverse the Ineffable Name in Cabalistic Order suspended from a fiery red ribbon with a pale grey edging either side of which is a hand holding a dagger with the point downwards and surmounted by three Crowns, all in gold or gilt

Red Cross of Babylon

This Degree fills the gap between the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch.and deals with Zerubbabel obtaining permission to commence the rebuilding of the Temple. The lesson here is of the supreme importance of truth.

Jewel – consisting of a seven pointed star on which are two crossed swords, points upwards, in gold or gilt, on a green enamel circle suspended from a green ribbon

Grand High Priest

Many believe this should be the last Degree taken, the candidate is anointed, consecrated and set apart to the service of God in the High Priesthood. This is a truly uplifting ceremony which is rather special.

Jewel – consisting of a mitre superimposed on a triangle, apex pointing upwards, in gold and gilt, suspended from a red ribbon.




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